How will we grow? Workshop

The How Will We Grow Workshop, held on September 13, was the first public input opportunity for GroveCity2050.
If you missed the workshop, you can still have your say by completing the three activities below.

1. What do you treasure most about Grove City?

Think about Grove City today. What things about our community do you treasure (or value) most?


2. What do you think are the greatest opportunities for the future of Grove City?

As a part of a prosperous and growing region, Grove City has experienced several decades of strong growth and has the potential to continue growing for many years.

With that context in mind, think about Grove City in the near and distant future. What do you think are the greatest opportunities for how and where the city grows? Try to think in terms of the city’s physical characteristics (places, buildings, streets, open space) or other characteristics of prosperity (people, jobs, services, amenities, and recreation).


How Will We Grow? Workshop

3. Mapping Strong
and Weak Places

Think about places in Grove City that are strong and places that are weak. Mark places on the map and tell us about them. This information will help identify community values and shape where and how the city grows in the future.

Strong places may be desirable to visit, reflect well on the community, represent conditions you’d like to replicate, or may be special to you in a positive way.

Weak places may be undesirable to visit, reflect negatively on the community, represent conditions you would like to see changed, or offer a great potential for improvement.


You can identify one place at a time. Click on the map to get started, then use the form to label, name, and describe the place. Once you click the submit button, your place will be saved and you will be able to mark another place.

1. Click in a new location to reset the marker, or click and drag the marker to move it.
2. Use the + and - buttons to zoom in/out.
3. Click and drag away from the marker to pan the map view.

You've marked a place.
Now tell us...

Please complete all form fields before clicking the submit button.